• The Royale Brothers (Brighton)

Opening late last year, Royale Brothers is new to the burger scene, but linked to an old favourite, The Pantry on Church Street, Brighton.  With a name like that, one cannot help but think of Pulp Fiction, and with a cheeky turn on this and a focus on family, Daniel Vaughan, Guy Mainwaring and Tim Purton-Smith’s new venture was born.

The cute, clean, counter is cut-out from The Pantry’s side wall running off St Andrews Street with seating looking onto the road and Brighton’s four-wheel drives.

I smiled at the name ‘Hippy Royale’ for the pinto bean patty.  I had been invited with a friend to try it, so ordered this and chips with spiced seasoning along with the ‘famous Royale spicy tomato sauce’.  A few minutes later, the little buzzer was ringing; our order had been cooked, packages and was ready to be deconstructed.

“It’s like a present,” commented my friend who was beginning to unwrap hers, “let’s hope there’s something good inside.”

The chips were crunchy and with smoked chilli.  The spicy tomato sauce was made with fresh tomatoes and chilli.

The Hippy Royale was so enormous that I could barely hold it, let alone bite through it.  The amusement was in me making a complete mess as I ate.  The bread was sweet and fluffy.  The patty resembled Mexican cuisine with the beans and had an interesting texture somewhere between a felafel and a paste.  The outside was heavily fried (too much so).  Liquid mayo and avocado dripped making the manoeuvre even more complex.  The salad was a slaw with onion, capsicum and coriander, tangy dressing and some parts seemingly pickled.

The strangest trait of Royale Brothers was that it was roped-off and closed at 8pm.  Opening hours are from 11am.

Whilst I won’t be craving the Hippy Royale, I appreciated it for the unique use of pinto beans, the tangy slaw and The Royale Borthers’ cool graphics and packaging.  The smoked chilli chips were tasty with the special sauce.  As another burger joint is adding to the mix, it will be interesting to see how this beach side suburb votes on The Royale Brothers.  If The Pantry is any indication, it will be a success.

The Royale Brothers
Behind The Pantry at 1 Church Street
Brighton 3186
03 9005 4242

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