• Charlie Dumpling (Prahran)

Neat as a button and as fashionable as peplums, Charlie Dumpling has taken our favourite hungry, drunken snack, to a sociable share everything concept of fine food and beverages.  Opened one month ago with Dylan Roberts (previously at Claremont Tonic, Ezard, Cutler & Co) as the chef, it was perhaps destined for success.  But would the young Roberts be able to transform the culture of the humble dumplings into something a South Yarra foodie would relish?

Opened one month ago, I was invited to the launch party last week, where the little eatery had been converted into a function space with red carpet, swanky vibes and stylish people.

We were welcomed with cooling cocktails to escape the parching day; watermelon, coconut, agave and gin.  They call it the Mr C Sheen, a refreshing combination and specialty of the house.

Dumplings were, of course, the glory of the day, and as others marvelled at the freshness of ingredients as they tasted countless, I was content with piping hot ‘Charlie’s veggie dumplings’ with thick, rice flour skins and fresh veggies and herbs inside.

Dessert was distinctive with frozen lemon curd encased with mochi.  I love mochi and appreciate the effort in the time taken to make it traditionally.

I only experienced a taste of what Charlie Dumplings has to offer, but those first bites were good ones.  Over the high tables in the upstairs function area, we praised the chef for creating a Chinese favourite with freshness and authenticity.  I will be returning soon to try more.

Charlie Dumpling
184 High Street
Prahran 3181
03 9510 4213

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