• Spring Street Grocer (Melbourne)

Whilst the Italians’ influence of good coffee has engaged and even become iconic to Melbourne, gelato is still trending.  Spring Street Grocer is a grocer, but it is most note-worthy for its gelato bar serving different flavours each day ranging from Indian inspired pistachio and cardamom to classic chocolate.  Among the northern style establishments of The European  and the Princess Theatre, this place is right at home.

The Nutella and pear was too tempting to resist.  The streams of Nutella had been swirled into creamy, pear gelato.  I commented that it could have only been better with hot, melted Nutella drizzled on top.  My friend suggested chunks of poached pear.

The salted caramel and chilli is a twist on a fad flavour and was somehow pulled off exceptionally well.

Adventure does not have to be climbing mountains.  Testing inventive gelato flavours is just as enticing and so much more convenient.  They do sometimes serve coffee too.

Spring Street Grocer
157 Spring St
Melbourne 3000
03 9639 0335

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Gelateria Primavera
157 Spring St
Melbourne 3000
03 9650 0811

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  1. Gelati - this takes me straight back to Italy! To a small medieval hilltop town called San Gimignano in Siena where Gelateria Dondoli claims to have the best gelato in the world! I had to have the champagne gelato and I still remember the flavour to this day.
    With summer coming up, a trip to Spring Street Grocer might be just the thing to do. Ros

  2. Wow, "best gelato in the world" is a big call. Do you think it was the best?? The best I have ever had was not in Italy but in Croatia. There was this Italian gelateria in Zagreb with such creamy and decadent flavours. I had one which was made with dark chocolate and it was so rich and dark that it was almost black. They they added macerated cherries. Heaven, I am telling you. I have never thought of champagne flavour. Did it taste bubbly? I assume you liked it very much ;)

  3. The gelati my friends and I had were incredibly good. I haven't had gelati in other parts of the world but this was the only champagne flavour I've ever seen. It tasted kind of bubbly :-). You could tell it was definitely champagne. I think it's not just the food but the ambience, the surroundings, the company etc that contribute to the unforgettable flavours of the food you are enjoying at that moment. We were in San Gimignano, it was a summer evening, and we were wandering around the centro historico appreciating the old buildings and the beauty of our surroundings. I think you know what I mean. Ros

  4. How beautiful! I always find my mind is more alert and open when I am traveling too - so experiences like these are even more heart-felt. Yours sounds absolutely delightful. I like blogging as it makes me appreciate my food even more and take photos so that I can remember every moment. It is wonderful to be passionate about something that we need to have every day.