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Being a bit of a muesli fan, I accepted an invitation to have a tasting of 5 different mueslis on a Saturday morning at the Yousli packing and distribution centre in South Melbourne. This company is in the start up phase, but it seems to have got everything lined up for a successful launch.   

The owners Paul and Jason started Yousli about two months ago and want it to be the ‘healthiest online whole foods store in the world’. It’s ambitious but they are certainly serious about what they do.

The ingredients are organic, super foods and prepared to maximise the health benefits. The muesli is ordered on-line and delivered in 500 gm biodegradable tubes with all the nutritional details of the ingredients. The standard Yousli offerings are around $17 for 500gms (including delivery). That seems a high price to pay for muesli, but I’ve found that a relatively small serving is enough to set you up for the day. The standard mueslis are: Almond & Sour Cherry; Gluten Freedom; Sesame Fig & Walnut; Ginger Barberry & Macadamia; and Shane Delia’s Shameless Delight. My favourite was the Almond & Sour Cherry. This was crunchy and has a nice balance of sweet and slightly sour flavours. When you examine the ingredients you start the day feeling virtuous and respectful of the health needs of body and mind. The ingredients are: rolled organic raw oats; rolled spelt, cinnamon, buckwheat grouts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, coconut flakes, almonds, sour cherries, currants, chia seeds, raw cinnamon and coconut sugar.

Gluten freedom.

Ginger, barberry and macadamia.

The part I like about Yousli is that you can make up your own mix using some otherwise impossible to source ingredients. Maybe I got a bit carried away: my own mix consists of a base of organic oats and includes barley, sunflower seeds, linseed, chia seeds, activated almonds, chia seeds, puffed quinoa, hazelnuts, puffed amaranth, inca berries, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, and barberries.

Most mornings for breakfast I have freshly made fruit and vegetable juice followed by either porridge with dried organic fruit or a supermarket bought muesli. Now that I’ve tried Yousli it makes it impossible to go back to the mass produced supermarket muesli offerings. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can be exciting. If you decide to give Yousli a go make sure you try the sour cherries and the inca berries in either a standard mix or a mix of your own.

Website for info and ordering: www.yousli.com.au 

About the Author
Michael is a food and wine connoisseur.  He also makes a delicious chocolate cake.