• Hero (Melbourne CBD)

Down a yet-to-be populated city laneway, there is Hero.   The new sandwich speciality shop is already attracting crowds of hungry, creatively dressed students, and for a reason.

Hero is inspired by the “Brooklyn baguette” concept.  Having never been acquainted with baguettes whilst walking the streets of Brooklyn, I had assumed a wand of crusty French bread, made American with sauces and burger-like fillings.

The menu is split between subs, smaller snacks, sides and combos.  With the only vegetarian sub having already sold out that day, I was in to try three tasty pockets (hand-sized Italian bread with a cut to pocket fillings).

The mushroom pocket was filled with button mushrooms, thyme and ricotta.  It was an old favourite in a different form.   The pockets were an appropriately sized snack, but as the bread was cut and the filling pushed in, the bread at the bottom was without flavourings.

The baked beans pocket was filled with house-made baked beans, rice, and grated cheddar cheese.  There was a bit of spice to this one, and tomato from the reduced sauce.

The tortilla was probably my favourite.  The potato had been sliced finely, gentle nestled between the layers of egg.  The aioli and caramelised onion brought the party to this one.

Thinly cut chips were served hot and crunchy – just how I like them.

For easy, affordable and relatively healthy hunger fillers, Hero has spotted its market well.   As the shop fronts fill, it will be interesting to see if this becomes the next Hardware Lane as claimed.

Tenancy 1, entry via Stewart St
RMIT building
445 Swanston St
Melbourne 3000
03 9995 4655

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