• Don Don (Melbourne CBD)

It’s fast food.  Fast.  Within 15 seconds of ordering, a bowl of tofu curry don was being thrust at me, so I could then join the gathers of diners who have made this food court/dining hall style eatery a favourite.

The tofu curry don is the only vegetarian option, and perhaps the other choices are more interesting.  My tofu curry don was served in a giant white bowl with the curry sauce steaming.  It was spicy with the traditional Japanese curry flavour.  The tofu had been grilled and tasted as such too.  The zucchini was strangely cool in the middle but soaked up the heat from the curry on the outside.  The carrot was soft through from stewing.  The radish was slightly pickled.  And rice was, well, rice.

Don Don still has some things going for it.  The food is filling and cheap. At $5.90 a meal, one cannot complain.

Don Don
300 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne 3000
03 9662 3377

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