• The Station Hotel (Footscray)

I stooped to an all time low.  I was so eager to create a good impression of Melbourne for my friend, that when he said he was missing meat, and me knowing the hidden agenda of showing a city nice enough for him to relocate, I took him to a steak house.  I know.  Terrible.   I cannot begin to explain what took me to these lengths, but giving in that others do have different opinions, I conceded to take him to the highly recommended and highly meat-driven Station Hotel.  Perhaps it was not just the steak that sealed the deal, but it was a lovely meal, even for me.

The Station Hotel is inconspicuous from the main road, with the dining room full at the back.  I liked the service here.  The waitress was interesting, personable but professional.  She remembered all our orders – except for my beer (they have my favourite Mountain Goat Steam Ale on tap) which she had to come back and check, it was an apple cider wasn’t it?  - joked with us and recommended the best dishes and ways of cooking.  I indulged with beetroot salad and croquettes.  When my beer arrived they gave it to my friend and the ginger ale to me.  Am I such an unlikely beer drinker?  It tasted different than bottled, less fruity and flavoursome to the point I suspected I had been served the wrong one.

Food was surprisingly pleasant with strong flavours.  The beetroot salad was done with lots of it, plus overly generous amounts of crumbled blue cheese and candied walnuts.  I was drawn to it, remembering the one from Boozy Rouge and I admit it was up to scratch, just different with the intense flavours of blue.

The croquettes were equally cheesy with cauliflower and cheese, then more cheese on top.  This is a dish to share.  I found the flavours too overpowering to eat all four croquettes in one go.

Had we had more time, we would have considered dessert but most likely declined, already too full.  I am told their sticky date pudding and chocolate soufflé are delightful.  Next time...

All I can say is that my friend enjoyed it, and on our way to the airport immediately afterwards, I knew my plan had been a success with his words: “I’ll be sad to leave Melbourne, hopefully I will be able to come back soon.”  Yes, hopefully you will.

The Station Hotel
59 Napier St
Footscray 3011
03 9687 2913

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