• Sefa Kitchen (Bondi)

Being the only ones in a restaurant is never a good sign.  And had it not been for the enticing reviews, I would have second guessed.  I was in Sydney.  My friend, who is as much of a foodie as am, sent a spreadsheet of restaurants she has been wanting to try.  Sefa Kitchen was near the top of the list.

The relaxed wood and bohemian decor only slightly lessened the intimidation of being the sole customers.  The waitress must have felt it too.  At least I will give her that as an excuse for constantly knocking over the precariously placed glassware.

We ordered to share: corn cakes with haloumi and zaatar; baby lettuce crudités with goats curd, and;  pumpkin fatteh with chickpeas and sour yoghurt.

The corn cakes were warm and moist but the highlight was the flavours with long shreds of haloumi on top and generous a dusting of zataar.

The baby lettuces were like Brussels sprouts, charred like artichokes Catalan style.  It was an interesting dish with the crunchy texture of the crudités against the soft whipped goats’ curd.  Again it was a flavourful dish with obvious Middle Eastern tones.

The fatteh was with baked pita crisps, natural yoghurt and black sesame.  It was refreshing as salad but, whilst enjoyable, did not spark like the other dishes.

There are some interesting wines on offer.  We would, perhaps, have stayed for dessert and a few glasses if their eagerness for us to leave had not been so obvious.  I guess there is a reason why the restaurant was empty... it was not for the food.

Sefa Kitchen
292 Bondi Road
Bondi 2026
02 8068 6461

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