• Huxtaburger (Fulham Place)

Is it wicked that the most pleasurable thing in my life is food?  Not all food.  Just those bites that are the most deliciously flavoured and textured, where eating them excites me so much I cannot help but vocalise. I’ve had two such treats lately – my birthday croquembouche from Amici, and the tofu burger from Huxtaburger.

It is often the little things that make food so delightful.  At Huxtaburger it was the way they just toasted the inside of the bun to that is was crunchy but the outside was still soft like brioche.  The toasted side had then been smothered with butter which created a sensation leaking into the equally indulgent sesame soy mayo.  It wasn’t the firm but moist tofu, nor the fresh iceberg lettuce, nor the sliced tomato.  It was the sauces, oozing out, bursting with flavour and delight in my mouth.

Everyone talks about Huxtaburger.  I had brushed off their comments.  I am vegetarian.  Burgers are irrelevant.  How wrong I was.  Searching for the little outlet without showy signs down the new laneway, I was surprised to see it full and even more packed as time went on.  I nabbed a table outdoors, just far away enough from the gathering smokers, and waited for my lunch date to arrive.  Queue to order and they will bring the food to you.

This place specialises.  Burgers.  Chips.

The chips were crunchy but without oil and dusted with an appetisingly smokey chipotle.

I met a girl who recently moved from Sydney.

“People are bigger in Melbourne,” she said, “it’s hard to be skinny when life revolves around food and you just want to eat five Huxtaburgers.”

Now I understand. Welcome to Melbourne.

Fulham Place
Melbourne 3000
03 9417 6328

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  1. Oh cool, you've tried it! It took Huxtaburger ages to put a veg burger on their menu, and it's taking us ages more to get ourselves there to order it. Clearly it's worth the effort.

  2. I would definitely recommend it - unlikely I know. Let me know what you think.

  3. Oh I am excited! Haven't been to Huxtaburger yet, and was a bit disappointed with Mr Burger's felafel burger. Strangely for a vegetarian, I am burger obsessed...

  4. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think as a fellow vegetarian.

  5. Elly needs to try the Shroom Burger at Beatbox. Nom nom nom...

  6. Ok, onto it. Thanks Dee Dee.

  7. I never contemplated how difficult it is for vegetarians to find a burger without meat, and one that is good. Lis, there is a cafe in Lorne called 'Bottle of Milk'. It has the biggest menu of burgers I've ever seen, including four types of vegi burgers. Georgie loved it! I think you would enjoy!- Lets plan to go there on the next Lorne adventure?

  8. Thanks for your comment Camilla :) Four types of veggie burgers, wow. OK, that is worth a visit. Sounds lovely. I am always up for the beach and a nice meal :)