• Riverside Creamery (Port Jervis, New York)

A good friend of mine has been living in Port Jervis for the past few years and during my US trip, I was lucky enough to visit.  Not only is Port Jervis a beautiful area, on the edge of three states and with a gorgeous river (down which we went kayaking one sunny afternoon), but it also has what is considered one of the best ice-creameries.

Set-up as a 1950’s ice-cream parlour (as it indeed began all those years ago), you do get the feeling that traditional is sometimes best. Riverside Creamery makes all of its ice-cream with fresh local cream.  Maybe this is one reason why it tastes so good.

Cute interior meets picturesque river view.
The three of us were finding it difficult to choose.  There were so many sundaes on the menu!  Luckily we have similar taste in food and each got one sundae that the others were eyeing.

My choice was the Panda Paw Sundae.  This was made with ice-cream filled with peanut butter cups, topped with more peanut butter cups, hot chocolate fudge, cream and a cherry.  I love peanut butter, as I may have mentioned, and the combination in this ice-cream was delicious.  The actual ice-cream was creamy and rich but not too sweet, the hot fudge was delectable.

The others ordered the Almond Joy Sundae and the Dusty Road Sundae.  The Almond Joy was actually coconut (rather than almond) based with coconut ice-cream, roasted almonds, chocolate chips, hot chocolate fudge, cream and a cherry.  I managed to sneak a taste of this one.  It was very refreshing.

The Dusty Road was made by coating the cup in hot chocolate fudge, sprinkling it with malt then adding vanilla ice-cream, more malt, more chocolate fudge and of course cream and a cherry.  Yum yum.  Malt and chocolate is always a killer combination.

We ate our ice-creams outside overlooking the river.  It was beautiful.

Riverside Creamery
5 Water Street
Port Jervis, NY 12771
(845) 856 8560

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