• Blossom (Chelsea, New York)

Blossom is supposedly the best vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan – according to my aunt, who is not vegetarian but a health conscious yoga teacher.

Arriving at 9pm on a Friday evening, the restaurant was full of well-dressed New Yorkers enjoying conversations without the competition of background music.

The interior is cute with pretty wall decorations and comfy chairs.

My aunt had raved about the seitan, which she ordered, and the waiter recommended the pistachio and pepper dusted tofu, which I ordered.

Our meals promptly arrived all beautifully displayed.  The tofu was extremely tasty.  If I had looked in more detail at the ingredients of the dish, it is possible that I would not have ordered it.  Like the pasta I ate at Kenji, on paper it sounded strange, but when eaten it was a stroke of genius.  The tofu had been covered with chunks of pistachios giving a crunchy texture against the softness of the tofu.  Underneath was a crepe filled with spiced root vegetables.  A surrounding moat of lemon truffle emulsion was the sauce of the dish.  This stangely tasted like a creamy cheese despite the whole meal being vegan.

I tried my aunt’s seitan dish.  It was heavily marinated with a sweet sauce with the usual glutinous texture.  It was tasty, but I think she decided my dish was better after tasting it.

America has some beers that are more interesting than most.  I had a Sweet Action beer – I couldn’t resist the name.  It tasted pleasantly of honey.

I can’t say whether Blossom is the best vegetarian restaurant in New York. It is definitely gourmet, organic, vegan and cuisine.  We all enjoyed our meals.

187 Ninth Avenue (between 21st and 22nd Streets)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 627 1144

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