• Raizes (Salvador Shopping)

Raizes was another recommendation.  Whilst food courts might espouse a feeling of disgust in us foodie Melbournites, the shopping centre food courts are a whole different ball game in Brazil.  My theory on this is that whilst good food is rare, the ones to pay for it will be those with money, and the ones with money will also like shopping.  So, there you have it, a hypothesis on why the shopping centre food courts are better in Brazil.

Raizes is a per-kilo restaurant with a focus on salads and seemingly healthy dishes. I found myself loading up my plate with greenery.  All of it was fresh, and most of it good.

I took a juice, thinking it to be strawberry to find it was a sweet orange and beetroot.

The pluses about this place are: lots of vegetarian options, no service charge, tasty food.  The negatives are that it can be expensive and in the end, you are dining in a food court.

I realise that some of these posts on Brazil are boring, but you only have to be vegetarian and trying to navigate the restaurants here to find anything vegetarian (that isn't cheese pastry) exciting.

Level 3, Salvador Shopping
Av. Tancredo Neves, 3133 –
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
(71) 3417 6000