• Cozinha Natural Ramma (Praça do Cruzeiro de São Francisco, Pelourinho)

In the heart of Pelourinho, Ramma is where my hostel owner said I would be based upon hearing that I was vegetarian.  Whilst not wholly meat free, Ramma offers a wide variety of salads and vegetable dishes at lunch times only.

The vegetables are fresh, and I enjoyed arriving early to get the first pick of the multitude of options.  Some of the dishes do contain meat, so if in doubt, ask.

The acai is some of the best I have had, blended with banana and served with granola on the side.

This place seemed to be cheaper than New Natural (the per-kilo place in Rio) but I am still getting used to serving myself with weighed food.

In a relaxed, clean upstairs dining room, overlooking the square below, Ramma is a bit of a haven for vegetarians against the plethora of bad food, snack shops and beer.

Cozinha Natural Ramma
Praça do Cruzeiro de São Francisco, 7
Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil
(71) 3321 0495