• Enjoying Indian curry again at Red Pepper

Last time I went to Red Pepper was years ago.  I remember it as being tasty, cheap, that they gave everyone butter milk and that my friend refused to go there with me because it was dirty.   I had not been back since, but whilst I was waiting with a hungry stomach for my friend on Friday night, I turned to this authentic and popular spot.  It was still open, and busy, at 10pm.

So a few things have changed.  It is bigger.  It is cleaner.  It even has decorations now.  And, of course, it is more expensive.  Oh, and I wasn’t given butter milk.

I queued to order malai kofta with naan.  I sometimes order saag or baingan, but malai kofta is my fattening favourite.  So, like with pizza melanzane and flat whites, it seems I am a creature of habit with some things.

The service was friendly and happy (despite the staff having to work with a crowd late on a Friday night).  It took longer to queue than it did for my food to arrive.

The malai kofta was so magnificently fragrant that my hunger deepened.   The curry was beautifully spiced and creamy.  The kofta had different flavours with the creaminess of paneer and cumin spiced potato.  This arrived with hot buttered naan – just the way I like it.  Tearing it off with my fingers and drenching it in the delicious sauce, I decided that Red Pepper was even better than I remembered.

Red Pepper
14 Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
03 9654 5714
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