• Simple, healthy Vietnamese.

Love Pho
181 Swan Street
Richmond 3121
03 9421 2200

There is something ever so healthy about Vietnamese food.  Perhaps it is the fresh herbs, the cold veggies that make the staple rice paper rolls, or the thought of travelling in the heat.

So after a dance session the other night, instead of stopping in for chips and veggie burgers, we found ourselves at Love Pho being served a wholesome meal.

I saw there was Tom Yum Soup on the menu, and (wondering how they would do it vegetarian) we ordered it alongside some rice paper rolls and tofu.

My friend soon explained that Tom Yum was easy to make just with chilli and lots of lime.  Love Pho’s was flavoursome and had lots of fresh veggies including bok choy, carrot and broccoli.

The tofu dish was salt and pepper beancurd, fried with different onions as flavouring.  Ok, so maybe this one was not so healthy, but it is still good for any vegetarian to eat protein, right?

The rice paper rolls came with a yummy sauce and had a soft texture.

The restaurant packed up as it emptied out and we seemed to be the last ones there enjoying our meals.  The food was decent, quick and healthy.  The service practical.  It was a nice and simple meal.

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