• Light lunches

Mister Close
Shop 13, Midtown Plaza
246 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
03 9654 7778

A sandwich is a sandwich, and in most cases this is the most boring meal possible.  And a food court is a food court, and not only boring but usually unclean with mass produced unhealthy snacks.  Ok, so maybe  sandwiches have changed since the Importance of Being Earnest where they were made with only bread, cucumber and butter.  I also took note of the City Weekly magazine on 15th September which claimed that “food courts aren’t what they used to be”.  Whilst I disagreed with most of City Weekly’s recommendations (deciding the article it must have been an advertorial) a couple of places did resonate.  Mister Close was one of the good ones.

Located in Midtown Plaza, Mister Close has managed to create an attractive set-up closed off from the rest of the centre.  It is modern, with lots of natural wood.  The counter at the front displays the salads and sandwiches of the day.  There is also a generous seating area with table service.

Last time I went to Mister Close I ordered the flatbread with haloumi, capsicum, dukkah and eggplant.  It was tasty but not filling enough and I was jealous of my friends who had the pumpkin sandwich.

So when I went for the second time last week, I knew what I wanted to order.  The grilled pumpkin sandwich arrived with lightly toasted, seeded bread.  The tangy, herb salsa agresto and oven roasted tomato gave the sandwich a gourmet appeal.  It also contained buffalo mozzarella and rocket.

All sandwiches come with a side salad.  I had a farika salad with pinenuts, currents and pomegranate seeds.  It seemed very nutritious and had a nice mix with the softness of the grain against the crunch of the pinenuts and baby spinach leaves.

The food at Mister Close is what you imagine when someone says they want a “light” meal (ie salads and sandwiches).  Although these are done a little more creatively than most.

The menu changes daily and is posted on their website.

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