• Roule Galette - Rebecca Walk

26 Rebecca Walk
Melbourne 3000
03 9614 3606

Roule Galette has a new outlet on Rebecca Walk.  Less attractive in winter than a Melbourne Laneway, under a bridge of busy traffic, Roule Galette have done well with the interior of their portable restaurant making it basic but warm and clean.  Although the venue holds little French-ness, the staff and food still do.

We shared a 3 cheeses galette and then a chestnut crepe.

The 3 cheeses was full-on in flavour as expected.  The salad was needed to balance the creaminess.

The chestnut was typically French and went well with the coffee (although mine was a little too milky).

Perhaps this place will be more attractive in summer, where it will be considered ‘by the water’ rather than ‘under the freeway’.  The food is comparable but the French atmosphere, that is the reason for visiting their Scott Alley shop, is missing at Rebecca Walk.

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