• Tokyo days at Harajuku Crepes

Melbourne Central
L1 Shop 148 Knox Pl
Melbourne 3000
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I was excited when Harajuku crepes arrived on the scene.  Even so, it was months before I found myself ordering one.  The Australian take on the Japanese interpretation of the French original just shows how globalised the world has become.  M and I discussed the intrigues of Japanese culture as we looked through the plastic models and commented on the price of bananas.

When I lived in Japan, I loved visiting Harajuku (Tokyo’s alternative suburb and shopping strip).  The area had a creativity and buzz beyond anything in Melbourne.  We would go down on a Saturday – if we were up to facing the masses of teenagers also on their break from study.  Ordering crepes was compulsory and whilst I was disgusted at the thought of cake, praline, ice-cream and cream all ending up in my dessert, I soon found the case to be ‘the more the merrier.’

The Melbourne equivalent is far less exciting but similar in style with the all-in approach.  I ordered one with nutella, strawberries and ice-cream.  The ice-cream had not been spread out and the overall presentation was messy.  Perhaps the real Harajuku crepes had been glorified in my memory, but the Melbourne impersonators were not nearly as good.  The actual crepe was too sweet.  The toppings were not evenly spread and I seemed to get nutella all over my hands as soon as I reached over the counter to take it.

In a world of international exchange, one cannot expect Harajuku Crepes to impress as much as those 8000km away, and perhaps even not as good as those another 8000km away in Paris.   Still, I like the idea and would be open to trying these desserts again.

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