• Celebrating with Italian food and wine: The Pizza Gallery

1402 Malvern Rd
Glen Iris 3146
03 9824 6855

Perhaps it is indulgent for me to celebrate my birthday every year, but I can’t help but use it as an excuse to catch up with my friends, most of whom I don’t see often enough. This year I thought I would have something with friends at a bar, I’d never had a birthday at a bar before. I soon realised why I never had. I don’t like bars. Bars are boring. You can’t talk. You can’t dance. You can’t eat. All you can do is drink, get a sore throat and smell like smoke when you go home. So instead I elected for dinner. A nice dinner, with a few good friends, some wine and frivolity.

I had not been to Pizza Gallery before but had heard good reports – plus it was able to seat us at late notice. Hidden amongst the speciality shops on Malvern Road, Glen Iris, the Pizza Gallery would not be somewhere that you would discover accidentally. Street parking is easier, the food is cheap, the station is nearby: overall a great location for a birthday get-together.

The staff were very helpful when I arrived and my mouth started watering just reading through the menu. There are several vegetarian pizzas and all of them sounded outstanding. When the others arrived we ordered a few pizzas to share.

The eggplant pizza was ordered, of course. It was delicious. The eggplant was cooked to have a charred flavour. The base was perfectly done – not too chrunchy or too soft. It was a refreshing take on one of my all-time-favourites.

The pumpkin pizza was equally delicious with well roasted pumpkin, ricotta and rocket.

The vegetarian pizza was not as outstanding as the former too but was still delicious.

The staff were accommodating and lovely.  Overall, a lovely venue for a b'day bash.

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