• Famish'd

130 Little Collins St
Melbourne 300003 90040322

My friend is on a healthy eating regime.  A pact between her and her work mates, throughout March, they will only eat salad for lunch.  What constitutes a salad? Anything with vegetables or lettuce?  Anything served cold including yesterday’s pasta?    What about a warm fruit salad, is that really a salad?

Well at Famish’d a salad is a mix of whatever you want.  This popular eatery serves four different pre-made salads every day, plus it has a mixture of ingredients for those who prefer a make-your-own approach.  You can choose your selection and have it put together in a large, glazed, terracotta bowl with bread for $10.  Optional (charged) extras include boiled eggs, avocado and fetta.  It seems the pre-made ones are always vegetarian (meat is an addable extra), at least they were today.

Today the pre-made options included a pumpkin, current and chickpea mix; salad leaves with red onion and pecorino; pasta, and; a leafy artichoke salad.  I chose the former three and seeded (rather than sour dough) bread.

To enjoy salad for lunch, I must be in the mood for it.  I had been working myself up for today and I was surprised to appreciate the healthy meal and find it filling.  Saying that, a few hours later, I am now munching corn thins and dip as I type this.

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