• Brunetti

When your friend visiting from Europe compares a cake shop to those back home, you know you are onto a winner.   The mouth-watering sweets at Brunetti have seen it soar to popularity with customers filling its pavement every day (and night) of the week.  As Italian and delicious as you will get in Melbourne, I love Brunetti and am happy to find any excuse to visit.

There are so many cakes on offer that a Brunetti experience can be overwhelming.  I love the lobster tails (a layered pastry filled with custard) and the tartufo balls (chou pastry filled with chocolate crème).  The chocolates are delicious, as are the gelati, pastries, macarons and extravagant birthday cakes.  Sharing a selection of mini cakes is ideal.  After dinner on Friday we shared the cointreau cream tart, tartufo, chocolate hazelnut cheese cake, rum baba and tiramisu macaron.

I used to find the coffee bitter and the hot chocolate strangely tasting like banana – but I am told the blends have changed and are now improved.

The Italian display, lively atmosphere and delicious desserts make Brunetti a perfect spot for a late night sugar snack.  There is also a range of savouries, but the sweets are so good that a visit without cakes seems sacrilegious.


204 Faraday St
Carlton 3053
03 9347 2801
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