• Vegie Bar

I used to love this place in my uni days.  Hearty, cheap, vegetarian food, what could be better as a student? As a mature and sophisticated worker (in ideal at least), this place has lost its appeal for me, but seems to have become an institution for a new wave of Brunswick Street goers.  These days Vegie Bar is hectic, even on a Tuesday night you have to wait in the courtyard and they will not seat you until all guests are present.  Luckily we arrived early (at 6pm) and managed to grab a table.  By 7pm there was a long queue from the counter to the door.

The menu has not changed much over the years.  I used to enjoy the tofu burgers and burritos.  Last night I ordered the Sienna Pizza (caramelised onions, roasted capsicum and haloumi).  They were generous with the haloumi but the onions and capsicum were overcooked till they went black.  Still the ingredients were moist and the flavours were appealing.
My friend ordered ‘Mostly Greens’, green vegetables, tempeh, tahina sauce and rice.  There was more tempeh than greens but she enjoyed it.

There is a healthy range of fresh juices and smoothies.  There was nothing to tempt for dessert last night, but I have had delicious cakes here in the past.

I enjoyed our meal.  Vegie Bar fits in with its surrounding people: dirty, creative and with a cause.  Dining here, I felt young and inspired again – at least it helped me to remember when I was.

Vegie Bar
380 Brunswick St
Fitzroy 3065
03 9417 6935

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