• Thaila Thai

82 Lygon St
Brunswick East  3057
03 9387 0659

Thaila Thai is the Brunswick East equivalent of a fish and chip shop.  The queue was at the counter enclosing the fast-paced open kitchen.  Some sat on chairs along the opposing wall, others stood waiting for their order to be called.  Of course the Brunswick Easters are more multicultural (so the fish is replaced with curries) and health conscious (so the chips are replaced with veggies).

M had booked a table, so that meant we could ascend to the restaurant section of Thaila Thai.  Upstairs was spacious and I was amused to see nearly all of their many tables set for six people.  Surely six is not their most popular group size?

Without a break, M, who was hungry, glanced the menu, decided what we were going to order and had the waitress at our side.

“We’ll have the glass noodles, and the red curry – both of those we’ll have vegetarian – and rice.”
I omit that she also ordered beef satays.  It seems I have not been able to convert her yet.

The food arrived quickly.

M did not like the glass noodles.  They were served with cabbage, carrot, broccoli, tofu, beans and too much zucchini (neither of us are fans of the latter vegetable).  The dish was wok cooked so that the vegetables and noodles became charred.  M disliked it for this.  After searching for the best wok flavoured noodles in Malaysia, I could appreciate the charred taste.  There would not have been much flavour without it.

The curry was delicious, really creamy and flavoursome with the same mix of veggies.  No doubt lots of hip-loving coconut milk and cream went into this one.

We had been eager to try Thaila Thai and by the end of the meal, M was disappointed (mainly by the noodles), but I was satisfied.  The food was enjoyable, the service pleasant, the space relaxed.  They were generous with the vegetables and I could leave feeling healthy, despite being full on carbs and coconut milk.

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