• Sushi Masa

M, who is perhaps the most dedicated reader of my blog (despite not following it officially), has been talking about Sushi Masa for a long time.  We finally went there together last week.

Inside, a relaxing atmosphere permeated the space and  I was surprised to find that all the staff, and nearly all the customers, were Japanese.  Feeling dowdy compared to the Japanese female customers with perfectly curled hair and short skirts, I was reminded of when I lived in Japan: I could not compete with the creative style of the university girls trying to get discovered by the television station opposite our campus.

I ordered the Futo Maki (pictured above) and the Wafu Salad.  The maki contained egg, mushroom, spinach, carrot, pickles and beans.  It was freshly made but the seaweed casing was not crispy.  The salad was tasty with seaweed salad, lettuce, tofu and tomato in a tangy dressing.

M, who has a habit of ordering the same dish continuously, ordered Ten Zaru Soba – which looked delicious and I will be ordering next time (without the prawn).

There is a vegetable section to Sushi Masa’s menu but beware of the bonito flakes which are actually fish based.

This restaurant is a pleasant spot for a casual lunch or dinner, and is more authentic and relaxed than many of the Japanese cafes throughout the city.

Sushi Masa
10 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
03 9662 1322

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