• Lindt Cafe

I still remember the best sundae I have ever had.  I was 16. I was in Toulouse, France.  The waiter brought out a tall glass filled with warm chocolate and macadamia brownie, layered between scoops of creamy vanilla and chocolate chip ice-cream, drizzled with melted fine chocolate.  The decadence of this dessert has remained in my memory, and for years I was in search of another sundae that would meet its deliciousness.

The first experience I had of the Lindt Café was in Sydney.  I became obsessed with the iced chocolates and the hot waffles with vanilla bean ice-cream and dark chocolate.   When the Lindt Café finally opened in Melbourne, the tables were so packed that I was turned off the experience.  Now that it has calmed down, the iced chocolate and waffles may not be as delicious as those inflated in my memory, but I really enjoy the ice-cream sundaes.

The Lindt sundae has all the ingredients of my best ever from France: creamy ice-cream flavoured with vanilla beans, brownie, Lindt chocolate, plus the added extra of salted caramel sprinklings.  The only thing that could improve it would be heating up the brownie and a European backdrop.

The chocolates and macarons, are of course delicious too.

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