• Barker’s of NZ Foodstore & Eatery (South Melbourne)

Barker’s of NZ may be a well-known name in their country of origin, but as the first store in Australia, this is a new concept that is bound to be a success. I was invited to try it, and couldn't wait to see what they had in store.

With simple but attractive décor, comfy booth seats, natural wood and thriving plants, Barker’s NZ Foodstore & Eatery is a relaxed local go-to for great food, produce and coffee. The vibe is chilled, with comfy chairs and relaxed tunes.

Each dish is inspired to show off their produce including, jams, relishes, sauces, and chutneys. They also do yummy immunity shots (concentrated juice full of vitamins).

Preserved Lemon Hollandaise

The Preserved Lemon Hollandaise was a novel take on an old favourite. Slices of preserved lemon rind topped the hollandaise sauce, with perfectly poached eggs and toast. The salad on the side balanced the rich sauce, with sweet fresh pineapple, tomatoes, roasted capsicum and fresh herbs.  This dish is called “Preserved lemon Hollandaise” with a telling focus on the produce, rather than the poached eggs.

Lovely coffee art

Truffle Pasta

The enticing smell of the truffles and cream is the first thing I noted about the Truffle Pasta. A variety of mushies, breadcrumbs and a creamy sauce, what’s not to love?

Stocked up the pantry with these delicious goodies.

This is the type of place you’d come to relax and start the day if you lived close by. Shop for yummy sauces and relishes. And enjoy a pretty coffee from the lovely staff.

Barker’s of NZ Foodstore & Eatery
231-233 Park Street
South Melbourne 3205
03 8849 9763