• Lük Beautifood, Australia's non-toxic lipstick crayons

Wearing lipstick for just one day, you will ingest about 87 milligrams of the product. Many lipsticks contain toxic ingredients, such as lead and cadmium, which have been linked to cancer, infertility, hormonal disruptions, and skin sensitivities.

Why would you want to put something toxic on your lips? 

Australia’s Lük Beautifood, has just created these gorgeous lipstick crayons, with all natural, all vegan ingredients. The long-lasting pigments mean the colour stays on all day.

The strong pigment holds the colour. While organic coconut oil, plant waxes, vitamin E and natural silica ensure the lips remain hydrated.  Oryzanol, derived from rice bran, gives a natural UV protection.

I tried the Fig Brulee and the Caramel Kiss. They are also available in Honey Peach and Lychee Sorbet. 

The Fig Brulee was close to my natural lip colour with a hint of brown.

The Caramel Kiss was lighter with a hint of pink.

Watch me testing them out on my Instagram.

The crayon makes them super easy to apply. They are moisturising but lasted all day with this demi-matte finish.

I love that these nude colours actually suit me.

Which colour do you like best?

Lipstick Crayon
RRP: $24.95 each or $89.00 for all four shades
For more info and to purchase, go to: lukbeautifood.com/collections/lipstick-crayons