• Dandenong Ranges Mystery Picnic - What a Treat!

Outdoor fun is the essence of the season, and what better way to celebrate our beautiful nature, than with a mystery picnic.

AmazingCo is the genius behind this concept. With novel experiences like unique Date Nights for Valentines’ day, Family Fun at home challenges, Mystery Weekends and Girls’ Nights in, there is something to get adults and children excited alike.

I love the Dandenong Ranges, I often visit, and love walking through the beautiful parks. What else could there be that I have not discovered yet? I wondered. Well, apparently, a lot.

The day started with our first clue. I love that the clue took me away from my usual hangouts. It was fun working out where it was hinting for us to go together, but I was also happy that there was a reveal option in case we couldn’t figure any out.

For the next hour, or so, we stopped in a cute eateries, shops and natural enticements. I had not expected it to be so much fun, but we were having a ball discovering all these new places, new treats and different items that I would not usually order, but were delicious.

The final destination was a gorgeous lake-side garden. It was a hot day, but we relaxed as we enjoyed our foraged picnic and watched the ducks from our peaceful spot under the hanging tree branches.

The highlights:

  • Fun working together to guess the next destination
  • Visiting spots I hadn’t previously been
  • Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options totally catered
  • A delicious picnic in a beautiful location at the end

You can check out the Dandenong Ranges Mystery Picnic here.  And browse all the Amazing Co experiences here. These experiences also make the perfect gift!