• Feel Peachie with Pilates

One thing I have learnt from this lockdown is that I am a total exercise junkie. Okay, maybe I already knew it. But those two weeks in between where I was able to do fitness classes made me realise just how happy I am sweating out in activewear with a room full of people.

This lockdown, I’m trying to bring my love for workouts home. Peaches Pilates have just launched a new suite of online classes. Not only pilates but yoga, stretch, cardio, boxing and strengthening too.

Peaches Pilates Founder Tori Clapham, and co-owner, Bec Chidiac, have just launched a brand new online platform with workouts and recipes to get us through lockdown.

“A common misconception is that Pilates is slow and doesn’t get your heart rate up. So we wanted the Peaches Online portal to offer our clients even more beyond our traditional Pilates classes, with the addition of boxing, cardio, HIIP and Circuit training.” Says Bec.

I tried out their platform a week and this is why I loved it.

The instructors are great. They have a lot of knowledge and really break down the technique on how to do the moves properly. If you’re new to pilates (like me), this is really helpful. They are also positive and encouraging, to help get through the tough parts of the workouts.

The workouts are tough. I’m usually really fit, but my muscles were totally burning in these workouts. I loved the classic Pilates sessions, and the core focused sessions especially.

You can mix and match the sessions. They go from as little as 7 minutes. To half hour full body workouts. So, I had fun choosing the ones that I felt like each day.

Everything is covered.  From whole body strengthening, to posture, to cardio to stretch. There is something for each day of the week. There are also equipment workouts for those wanting a little extra fun and challenge.

It’s all online with live streamed classes and high definition replays whenever suits.

The Peaches Pilates online program is available for $24.99 per month via online.peachespilates.com