• Productivity Hacks to Enjoy Your Home Time

Hi my lovely Melbourne peeps. I am so missing brunch right now! But in all seriousness, this has been a time to reflect on what is important and do our bit for the community.

Today I am sharing with you some hacks that have helped me to stay productive.

#1 Have projects and goals that are meaningful to you.

My mum is staying busy with cleaning out her house. Whilst this can be cathartic and productive, I know it doesn’t really give me any overall satisfaction towards life purpose or joy.

Has there been something that has always been on your dream list but that you have never quite gotten around to doing?

It might be learning a language, painting, writing a letter to a friend, learning how to do crosswords (that was a dream of mine I fulfilled last year), creating a beautiful garden…whatever it is that floats your boat try and choose something that brings you joy and fulfills that dream.

For me it is writing my second novel and creating online dance classes.

#2 Daily Exercise

We all know how good exercise is for our immune system and mental health. I began at home exercising every morning but a few days a go I increased that to exercising three times a day. I feel so much better for it!

I start the day with walking in nature. I break up the day with some strength training. In the evening I stretch and breath. Doing three sessions a day allows me to move from one task to the next without getting mentally drained.

Even in our exercise we can have exciting goals to work towards. Have you ever wanted to do the splits or hold a handstand? Now is your chance.

#3 Fuel yourself with healthy home-made food

I love food (if you haven’t already noticed) and this is the perfect time to fuel your body with healthy and tasty recipes. If you can afford it, support your local café or restaurant by ordering take-away.

#4 Keep Track of Your Achievements

The best way to feel productive is to show yourself that you are. What did you learn today? How has this inspired you? What do you want to achieve tomorrow?

Take care. Stay healthy. Stay happy.

Our most precious gift in this life is our time. How are you going to spend it?