• 5 Ways to Detox this Spring with Naturopath Angela Cali

Who else is loving this Spring weather? The sun is out. The bees are at the camelias. The mood is smiley. I know I’m definitely feeling more energised. As we shake away the sluggishness of a grey winter, I was lucky enough to get some tips from Melbourne Naturopath and Holistic Counsellor Angela Cali on how to detox this spring.

1 Start the day with room temperature boiled water (300mls), add freshly squeezed lemon juice (50ml) to alkalise your body. This is a tip I swear by for year round health and many celebrities do too! Even Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr starts her day with lemon and hot water!

2 Turmeric is a root that I cannot endorse enough! An easy way to get it into your daily routine is to add TurmeriX protein powder to raw vegetable juice to stimulate digestion and liver detoxification. This will help undo all those red wines you had over winter.

3 Try to extend your first meal of the day to 11am. This extended fasting will give your digestive system an extended rest. A lot of research also shows that fasting like this helps you lose weight too so it's an easy way to shed those excess winter kilos.

Detox your mind. Write down 3 things that have been a burden that don't serve you well. Now let them go. If you meditate or practice yoga, these are also great ways to help detox your mind this Spring.

5 Get active after a sluggish winter. Improve circulation through a sport and activity that moves your body. Simple things like walking or cycling to work in the morning, now that it's not so cold and dark, are the perfect way to do this.

Thanks for the tips Angela. Wishing you a healthy and happy Spring Melbourne!

Angela Cali is a Naturopath and Holistic Counsellor.
She has a special interest in mental health disorders and runs her own clinic in Reservoir.