• Interview with Herbs + Heart Founder, Jumana Shakeer

Those of you who know me, know I love natural skin care. But with such sensitive skin, it can be a nightmare finding products that don’t aggravate my skin.

Jumana Shakeer, had a similar problem. Seeing fellow Australians smearing harmful ingredients on their faces, she wanted to create vegan skincare, all made from local ingredients.

Not only is it good for the environment, but good for your skin too.  I started using Herbs + Heart a few months ago. Thankfully, I had no allergic reaction. Even better, my skin was feeling soft and hydrated.

I recently caught up with Herbs + Heart founder, Jumana Shakeer, to ask her about her inspiration and beauty secrets.

Vegan skincare brand Herbs+ Heart, founder, Jumana Shakeer.

With a career in graphic design and marketing, what were some of the biggest challenges in establishing Herbs + Heart?

Herbs + Heart has been a perfect combination of all my skills in one passion project. As I’ve loved every aspect of building this brand from scratch, there has been nothing I can think off that has been a real ‘challenge’ as such, but the one I’m constantly battling is struggling to find the time to execute all the ideas and visions I have! That’s a daily challenge for sure.

Why did you believe it important to have all ingredients sourced in Australia?

Australia is home to the most wonderful native ingredients. Whilst many of these wild berries and fruits aren’t fit for consumption, there absolutely marvellous additions in skincare with their potent combinations of vitamins and enzymes. Whilst the pungent taste of a Davidson's plum might throw of the tastebuds, the rich Vitamin C dose to stimulate your collagen is one your skin will surely thank you for!

From home made skin care to Herbs + Heart, how did you decide what to put in each formula?

The formulas have been years in the making, even prior to my own formal study in the field. The depth of my research combined with the real experiences I had formed the bases of our products. An example of this is Manuka Honey. I’ve had results that have astounded even medical professionals in terms of skin repairing and healing. I’d even been using this directly from the Jar to wash my face with for years - tackling troublesome cystic acne and brightening hyper-pigmentation - hence I knew Manuka Honey had to form the base of our Face Mud. I worked the other complimentary ingredients from there on.

The Elixir and Aloe Whip - this made my skin feel divine.

What are you top three tips to beautiful skin?

1) Get enough Sleep. Your skin is going to be the first to show signs of sleep deprivation - sunken eyes, dull skin, and dehydration. By getting adequate sleep you allow your skin to begin the repairing processes of the stress endured during the day. A goodnight's sleep can beat any serum out on the market!

2) Use a non-foaming cleanser. The harsh suds can damage the delicate acid mantle on our skin, stripping this of its natural oils and meddling with the optimal PH Balance, sending your skin into a frenzy trying to balance and normalise itself. By using a non-foaming cleanser, you do not disturb the natural balance and set your skin up nicely for the rest of your routine to follow.

3) Don’t touch your face. No matter how may times you wash your hands, your fingers are exposed to germs and bacteria that can transfer onto your skin every time you touch your face. This can lead to irritation & even breakout.

What makes you feel beautiful?

What makes me feel beautiful is wearing a smile. Whether it’s accompanied with daggy jumper and unbrushed hair, or a beautiful dress with heels - a smile is the one accessory I carry with me always to feel beautiful no matter what.

Thanks for the tips Jumana.

You can find our more about Herbs + Heart at their website:herbsandheart.com