• Here, and made-over.

I’m back! Yes, it has been a smidgen extended from a swift  hiatus. But if you knew what I have been doing, you would understand why. I loved blogging, but then I decided to stop.

First, my dad was very ill. He had motor neurones disease. Totally sucks. No cure. No known causes. It is a life sentence. Some of you may remember my dad who sometimes guest posted for me, and was often enjoying a meal with me as I took photos and notes. My mum and I decided to nurse him so that he could stay at home. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I am extremely thankful that I was able to do it.

After caring for my dad, I really needed a break. I packed my bags, and in my usual fashion went travelling. It had been a life-long dream of mine to dance in Egypt, so that is where I went. I lived on the Red Sea and danced, danced and danced.

From this I stared my own dance channel to share my passion for my art form. This meant that most of my time online was at Belly Dancer Diaries.

Then, as if I hadn’t let out enough creativity in me, I wrote a book. I love writing, and writing a novel allowed me to be total creative. It is dystopian fiction. Literally (or is it literarily?) I created my own dream worlds, and then spent my time travelling to these instead. Want to visit? Check out Days of Reign.

So all in all, I felt I had other priorities to blogging. I mean I wasn’t even in Melbourne, I was off in Egypt, then Eldon and Amaryllis… but you know what? I missed it. I still loved food. I still took photos of all my meals. I even still took notes! When I finally came back down to earth, I realised that Melbourne is the best (and by that, I mean my favourite) city in the world. I adore Melbourne. I grew up here. I travelled but my heart was always here.  It is no coincidence that it has been voted the most liveable city seven times over.

So here it is. Welcome back to my blog. No longer Nouveau Potato, focusing on vegetarian food, but Melbourne Lifestyle, covering everything that I love about our beautiful city. I hope to post twice a week, and not only about my favourite restaurants, but the fabulous events, shopping, walks, escapes, and everything else that our city and surrounds have to offer.

Want to join me on the journey? Follow me. Or send me a line at nouveaupotato@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.