• Where to eat and drink around Margaret River?

Whilst Perth’s locals may look towards Melbourne as the foodie capital, a few hours drive away, Margaret River is undoubtedly one of Australia’s wine and gourmet hot spots.

With a few days away, a little Toyota hire car, a mind full of food and a heart craving relaxation and adventures, we set off to discover the best of Margaret River and its surrounds.

Settlers Tavern

Settlers Tavern is a logical choice for dinner when you first arrive and want an easy meal in town.  This is everyone’s local and with decent food and an array of good beers and wine, you feel like you are in the region. Read more...


Brewery, winery and now main street eatery Swings is a popular with tourists and locals alike.  The beer is, well, their specialty, but the pizzas combine to make a memorable dinner. Read more...


For a special lunch, and upon the recommendation of several locals and tourists, we went to Cullen to sample their organic wines and enjoy a meal with a view of the vines.  Read more...

Eagle Bay Brewery

Eagle Bay was recommended as a must for lunch on our way home to Perth.  The beer, atmosphere and pizzas were promised to be worth the slight detour, plus we would get to see the beautiful beach that is Eagle Bay.  Read more...

Leeuwin Estate

A little further down the road, we found ourselves at Leeuwin Estate.  A well known vineyard and restaurant, on huge grounds, it is no wonder this place has a reputation. We did not get the chance to eat at the prettily place restaurant, but we did try some tasty wines.  Read more...

Windows Estate

Windows Estate is known by locals as the one to try. The little cellar door is more shed than plush restaurant and serves tastings of wine as well as cheeses that have recently come on display.  This vineyard focuses on fruit and simple making.  Read more...


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