• Architects and Heroes (Subiaco)

Whilst everyone seems to be chowing down on the newest Melbourne craze of Nutella doughnuts, west side the locals are still celebrating the introduction of “Melbourne coffee” from the high frothed cappuccinos that used to be Perth’s typical hot beverage.  And, if we are drawing comparisons, then perhaps I should also mention that they say Subiaco is like Chapel Street.  It’s not. There is far less happening here during the day, and far more happening on its night spot strip giving all of Perth its entertainment if you are willing to queue.

Architects and Heroes caught our attention because it was busy.  We then debated over the hipster layout wanting a more authentic experience, eventually giving in to the yummy-looking brunches and good-looking brunchers.  Don’t wait at the table for them to come to you, it is an order at the counter establishment and service beyond this is friendly and efficient.  It was a sunny day, cold, but lovely with the heat on our shoulders, making us squint over conversation.  Being next to Boost juice, is perhaps not the best location (loud clubbing music kind of takes away from the relaxed weekend vibe).

Coffee was slightly frothy and my friend’s soy latte came without the usual coffee art that us spoilt on the east side have come to take for granted.  Mine was pretty, slightly bitter and a bit burnt.

The 63 degree egg had to be ordered with fond memories of the first time I had ever tried one in Spain.  I ordered hashbrowns as an extra too.  These were made of mashed potato mixed with milk and cheese, so that they were beautifully smooth with a bite of flavour.  Outside they were crispy and looked like mini potato cakes.  Salt and lemon had been mixed into ripe avocado with a nutty dukka on top.  The fetta was firm.  The 63 degree egg was soft, rather than chewy, and a delicious, tangy, thick hollandaise was hidden underneath.

Whilst no queue, this place is busy.   We were in such a pleasant spot outside in the sun.  Others arrived with their dogs, us feeling relieved it was the furry friends stroking our legs, not the other customers.  The coffee may not have been fabulous the day we were there, but the food was very good and we enjoyed the lively atmosphere.

Architects and Heroes
25 Rokeby Road
Subiaco WA

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