• Miss Marmalade (Brunswick)

On a cool but sunny, seemingly winters’ morning, I was driving back from the airport with a rumbling tummy and a desire to venture around the north.  Miss Marmalade is well known to its neighbourhood and fits well with the Brunswick locale.  The staff are super friendly, expressive and cool.  The decor is the trendy, relaxed wood which has become common place.  I chose a table on the footpath, rimmed by pots of mini flowers.

The food focuses on quality with a touch of organic health and fresh-grown -greens.  I ordered the poached egg on toast with a salad of seasonal vegetables.  It quickly arrived with the appearance of lunch, despite origins of breakfast.  This could only be brunch.  I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy a salad much earlier in the day.

It was like a green salad with egg and toast. The egg was well poached and the veggies were charred in taste.  Fennel, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, small bits of salted hashbrown (which was perfectly fried for crunch outside, soft centre of mash), fresh baby spinach, dill, shaved parmesan, eggplant (not fully soft but cooked), pumpkin roasted (sweet, with edges starting to crisp), a smudge of soft avocado and the added extra of thin lemony hollandaise.   It was quite a collection.  The serving was measured, rather than excessive.  I really liked the idea of this dish changing with whatever is fresh from the market that day.

For dessert I took a caramel slice and a chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel tart to take home.  The slice was sweet with a coconut base and a taste as scrumptious as it looked.  The tart held bitter, dark chocolate and the peanut component was just a layer on the base.  I actually preferred the slice even though the tart sounded and looked delicious as peanut-chocolate combos usually are.

It’s no wonder this place is popular.  The food is well thought out, homely and caring, as is this establishment.

Miss Marmalade
126 Union Street
Brunswick 3056
03 9388 8202

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