• Romulus and Remus (Richmond)

I can’t believe a whole year has passed since I was sipping pinot noir with a view at No 35 during the last Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.  I love the Express Lunches  at this time of year, they prompt me to go out and try new places, explore the city and socialise with friends and family over food.  Who am I kidding.  I need no encouragement to eat, drink and enjoy.  But the other day, it was still the festival that had me at modern Italian eatery, Romulus and Remus.

Entering this glass fronted, open space, I was reminded of La Svolta which is decorated in a similar style: concrete floors, open space, open kitchen at the back, dark walls, modern lighting.  It is a trendy atmosphere, with laid-back staff and customers leisurely indulging in lunch.

The menu focuses on Italian favourites with modern twists.  I ordered the traditional gnocchi, modernised by pan frying, and semifreddo.  These were part of the festival Express Lunch menu with a glass of Murrindindi Chardonnay.

The gnocchi arrived with the delightful aroma of truffle.  It was traditional potato gnocchi, slightly on the dense side, but soft enough to be good.  The gnocchi itself tasted of truffle and salt, whilst the sauce consisted of pea puree and whole peas along with soft goats’ cheese and parsley.

The wine was soft in acid with lemon,  an oak finish and  aromas of citrus.  It became mineral with the dense, crusty bread served warm with olive oil.  The citrus held even as the oak came through.

Dessert was a peanut butter semifreddo.  It was beautifully smooth,  creamy and rich, fully flavoured with peanut butter while a coffee soaked biscuit sat in the middle.  This dish was a mix of flavours that are common in pairs, but rare in a combination; chocolate and nuts, peanut butter and raspberry jelly, coffee and biscotti.  The raspberry was done as coulis and fresh wholes which were sweet and flavoursome.  The chocolate was a moist brownie with tiny chunks of nuts.

Overall the meal was exceptionally good value at $40 for two courses and a glass of wine and the title of modern Italian cuisine was a fitting one. I really enjoyed my gnocchi, wine and dessert, and the fact that it was an indulgent lunch.

Romulus and Remus
648 Bridge Road
Richmond 3121
03 9429 3042

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