• Eliseev Emporium Coffee Shop (Saint Petersburg)

Whilst we condemn the spending of royalty in austere times, there is no doubt that such spectacular monuments make cities the tourist destinations they are today.  Years later, the investment is paying off with thousands of visitors seeing the splendour of Russia’s over-the-top architecture and interiors.

Eliseev Emporium is one such destination.  Built in 1902 to 1903, it was a controversial project.  The art nouveau extravagance boasts gold leaf, glass art, mirrors, chandeliers, a piano that plays itself and life sized mechanical toys which move and wave with the music.  The cakes are equally extravagant and we found ourselves indulging several times during our Saint Petersburg stay.

The eclairs are world class (us having just come from their home of France) and in many flavours including chocolate, pistachio, coffee, caramel and vanilla.  We share several mini ones, halving them to get a taste of each.

The cakes are also spectacular like the best French gateaux.

Coffee and tea, despite its ‘tea house’ status, are add-ons, not highlights.  You come here for the atmosphere.  You come here for the sweets.

As an institution, Eliseev Emporium was busy in the summer tourist season, and hot inside.  This was counteracted by the jazz trio on the balcony playing soothing music to help us enjoy every bite.

Eliseev Emporium
Nevskiy prospekt, 56
Saint Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 456 66 66