• Mansouria (Paris)

With waiters in traditional French restaurants laughing at vegetarians, choosing a different cuisine is an easier strategy than asking the same questions to all the bistrots in the quartier.  Mansouria is a popular and well-reviewed restaurant in the Bastille area with a pleasant, clean and spacious interior with traditional touches.

We were hospitably welcomed by the waiter who suggested vegetarian shared plates and separate mains.  Perhaps we looked hungry, the meal was enormous.

The mixed vegetarian entrée included eight dishes, all different but delicious and served on separate trays.  The eggplant was smoky and smooth.  The carrot was flavoured with orange blossom.  The pumpkin jam was sweet and smooth.  The grilled capsicum was spiced.  There was also a herb salad, olives with paprika, fava bean puree and cold chickpeas with tomato.  These were all served with warm bread.

The entree spread.

Pumpkin jam.

Olives with paprika.

Chilled chickpeas.

Marinated capsicum.

My main course was cous cous with a vegetable and chickpea stew.  It was flavoured with tomato, cinnamon and spices to give an enjoyable blend of flavours.  Dehydrated white sultanas provided an extra sweetness.  It was delicious, but I could not finish it all after the entrées.

The service is friendly and attentive, different people came over to welcome us throughout the night and we were comfortable sitting on the couch with lots of cushions.  The cuisine may not be French, but with the links between the European and African nations, one can expect a degree of authenticity with the food.  It was a filling, tasty and varied in flavours.

11 Rue Faidherbe
75011 Paris, France
+33 1 43 71 00 16