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Laziness is not attuned to my personality when it comes to food.  I’m more likely to go across town for a favourite, or spend hours at the stove, than declare I cannot be bothered to eat.  I’m not afraid of eating alone either.  Some feel self-conscious by themselves in a restaurant, preferring take-away to enjoy in front of the TV.   I, on the other hand, love soaking up the atmosphere and being fully food focused when I am at a table for one.  With this in mind, I am perhaps not quite the typical person for Menulog, an up and coming food ordering and delivering site who recently contacted me to review.

It was 8:10pm on a Monday and I was at home with my brother.  We had decided that tonight would be our Menulog night.  There are many restaurants on this online ordering site – I was being educated about what is in my area as we searched.  In the end, we decided to go with D’Tandoor in Hawthorn.

The menu is set up with a shopping cart and discounts for first time Menulog users.  Ordering is a few simple clicks.  From D’Tandoor’s many vegetarian mains, we chose three curries; malai kofta, palak paneer and Punjabi channa.  You can also choose the amount of chilli.

The meal arrived 50 minutes later.  I had thought that Menulog would be in control of packaging and delivering, but it seemed that it was the restaurant who organised this rather than the ordering site.  It was delivered in its simple plastic packaging.

The malai kofta was very creamy and spicy.  The dumplings were moist and dense.  The gravy was extremely flavoursome.

The chickpeas were my brother’s favourite.  They were in a chunky sauce with lots of onion and spice.

The palak paneer was filled with cream and butter.  It was more like a blended soup than full of spinach.  The paneer was firm.  Again, it was heavily spiced.

Overall it was a nice meal, it arrived hot and was tasty (although we were ravenous after waiting the 50 minutes for it to arrive).  It would be nice to have an estimated delivery time on the site. The menus are clear and complete and there are many choices.  If you have any questions, you are asked to ring the restaurant directly.   I can see that if you don’t drive, are house bound or busy with other things, then Menulog can be a nice and easy way to order food.

353 Burwood Rd
Hawthorn 3122
03 9818 3327

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