• Competition: THE TRIP TO ITALY in cinemas 29 May

Everyone knows Italian food is the best in the world, or so the locals claim.  THE TRIP saw Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan tasting their way through northern England. The duo now return to the big screen, this time with a taste for Italy.

Rob Brydon has been commissioned by a newspaper to go on a driving tour of Italy from Liguria to Capri, partly following in the footsteps of the great Romantic poets. He asks his old friend Steve Coogan to go with him. As they journey through the beautiful Italian countryside they talk about life, relationships and their careers whilst stopping at wonderful restaurants and hotels along the way.

Your chance to win tickets to THE TRIP TO ITALY

Nouveau Potato has five double passes to give away to THE TRIP TO ITALY, in cinemas from 29 May 2014.  To enter, simply:

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2) Tell us about your favourite Italian food experience in the comments below.  It can be something you have cooked, something you ate travelling or anything that was memorable with an Italian twist.

Entries close at 5pm on Thursday 22 May 2014.  Entries will be judged by Elisa based on creativity, uniqueness and the inspired sense of deliciousness.  The judge's decision is final. Winners will be announced on Nouveau Potato's blog, Facebook and Twitter by 5pm Friday 23 May 2014.  Please ensure you identify yourself in your entry so that we can contact you if you win.  Winners must be in Australia to redeem their prize.


  1. We were visiting extended family in Pisogne at the foot of the Montecampione ski fields. It was winter but the sky was a crisp blue and the sun was shining. Sitting around a casually laid table, we grazed on home made salami, pickled cucumber and hard cheeses. And let's not forget the bread! Conversation was in Italian, which I struggled to understand, yet their stories were told with such relish and bold animation, the words did not matter. They were reminising about one of their favourite meals, which they had not eaten for many years. Roast sparrow. Caught wide and nothing spared but their tiny beak.

  2. Me, my mum and four hours in Roma. She wanted to see the sites but I said forget it - I'm here for the food. Like a good daughter I compromised and we strode the Spanish steps, ATE THE MOST DELICIOUS DARK CHOCOLATE GELATO in the windy streets on our way to the Trevi Fountain where I had another (but less enjoyable) chocolate gelato, saw the Colosseum, gorged ourselves with HOME MADE PASTA from a small hidden restaurant and finally raced back to our tour bus but not before snagging ourselves the best slice of MARGARITA PIZZA i've had to date. As you can probably tell by my written animation and much to my mothers dissapointment, the food was still my highlight of our four hours in Rome.

  3. Thanks for your entries Bec and Susan. You seem to have a 100% chance of winning at the moment! Whilst I wouldn't be up for salami and sparrow, I love the idea of a meal with that beautiful setting and the romanticism of Italian language. I think I also enjoyed delicious gelato in Rome, it was a place near the Vatican. Yum!! Good luck :)

  4. My other half's father is Italian and a brilliant cook so I'm very lucky! One of my favorite meals that he has made was on National Wog Day this year (the day Italians get together and pulp tomatoes to make their annual supply of passata!). He made a spaghetti putanesca (minus the anchovies to cater for me the vegetarian!) with home made tagliatelle. It was amazing!

  5. Growing up in an Italian household I have enjoyed many Italian dishes. I have too many favourites to mention. Looking back at them all, the best dishes have been the ones I have learnt to prepare myself. As my grandma says ‘ the best foods are those made at home ‘. I particularly loved making gnocchi pasta with my grandma. I have many fond memories of watching her enthusiastically push and fold the dough. Then with an easy ‘flick’ of a fork across tiny cut pieces, she had created Gnocchi. A dish I have replicated myself. The smell of the flour, water and mashed potatoes coming together transports me right back to my grandma’s kitchen. Once the gnocchi were ready we’d serve them in our Italian home made tomato sauce. To this day I’ve never had gnocchi in a restaurant as nice as my grandma’s. ( Email: peterepeat444@outlook.com.au )

  6. Back, a long time ago, on the 22nd of May 2000 to be exact I was in Florence, I had caught the train earlier in the day from Pisa and had spent the afternoon walking the streets exploring the sights of the city. In the evening I went to dinner with a couple of travelling companions to a restaurant called Zaza’s and afterwards bought myself a gelato from a street vendor. While meandering through the streets slowly consuming my gelato and heading in the direction of my hostel I came across an orchestra playing music for the public at the Piazza della Signoria, topping off an already fantastic evening.

  7. Last year my wife and I traveled through Tuscany and fulfilled one of our lifelong dreams; to hunt for rare white truffles in the Tuscan forests then devour them in a decadent meal, accompanied by a fine Chianti. Life simply does not get better than that! (Email: shayne@topfive.com.au).

  8. When I was twelve in the wonderful city of Napoli, I discovered the joys of seafood for the first time. Totally unprepared for the pure, unadulterated and wondrous hedonism that awaited me on holiday, the first meal I ate was a luxurious seafood banquet which I saved up a bit of pocket money from home to buy. Included were fresh king prawns, deep fried sardines, octopi spattered and hiding in pockets of calamari legs, and topped off legs of crab spiking out of all manners of places. It looked as if it hardly could fit on the plate, but I ate every last bit, and washed it down with some wonderful chinotto. That remains the best meal I have ever had in my too short life.

  9. Thanks for all your entries - they are making me hungry!! And wanting to travel. Only a few hours left before entries close.

  10. I have yet to have the pleasure of visiting the romantic country of Italy and am longing for the day. To fill my longingness I take pleasure in finding good Italian food locally, here in Melbourne.
    My favourite Italian place is a small humble pizza place called, iCarusi in Brunswick East. Despite having a large selection of about 30 different pizzas I always choose, “Pizza for a Friend”, a simple pizza with only 4 ingredients: Roasted pumpkin, pine nuts, rocket and generous dollops of goats cheese (my favourite!). Despite its simplicity, the fresh toppings complement each other perfectly, you can taste the high quality ingredients in every bite. This is the best pizza I’ve ever had, I keep coming back for more. If this pizza is any indication of what to expect in Italy then I have a lot to look forward to!

    1. Hi Jessica. My Italian friend took me to I Carusi in St Kilda last month. The pizza I had was just fantastic! Mushrooms and truffle. As good as any in Italy.
      You will definitely fall in love with Italy when you go there. Btw, are you from Sarawak? I know you probably think it's strange but with a surname like 'Lau', I thought you might be a Sarawakian. I am. Ros

  11. Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for your entries and sharing your mouth-watering experiences - delicious! I do love Italian food.
    After much consideration, I have decided on the winners. These were the ones that had me drooling the most or ready to travel to Italy right this second.

    Congratulations to the winners!
    1) Peter
    2) Shayne
    3) Moni
    4) Jessica
    5) Bec

    I will be in touch on how to claim your prize. Enjoy the movie. I saw it the other day and the whole cinema was in hysterics.


  12. Aaaaagh! I missed the competition as I was on holiday in Malaysia. I would have had trouble deciding which food experience to write about. But I enjoyed reading the descriptions of yummy Italian food. I did like Peter's the most. Went to see the movie yesterday and yes it was hilarious. Ros

  13. Thanks Ros, yes I thought of you with this movie. So much yummy food. It makes me want to go to Italy. Hope you had a lovely time in Malaysia.

  14. Hi Elisa. The scenery reminded me so much of my trips in Italy and the food brought back vivid memories of delicious food eaten there. Luckily I had already had lunch at Sasa's. Ros