• Monday night is burger night at Barney Allen's

Veggie burgers scream “I am vegetarian” and when everyone else is at the pub chomping down burgers and chips, it is sometimes nice to join in.  After much persuasion, Barney Allen’s has added a veggie burger to its daily specials menu.  It has changed its menu several times since I last blogged it, and whilst vegetarian dishes still focus around snacks and shared food, the Monday night special of the vegetarian burger is a very hearty meal.

Ok, so it might be hard to get to St Kilda for a beer and a burger on Mondays, but after several rainchecks I was there ordering what I had been told by my friend was the best veggie burger she had ever had.

It arrived with a mountainous mound of bread and veggies, with a generous side of chips.

Inside the confines of bread was zucchini, green and red capsicum and eggplant.  Each held a lovely charred tasted from grilling.  Masses of tangy lime and chilli guacamole made with fresh avocado were matched with a tangy pesto and mustard alioli.  If I had read the ingredients beforehand I would have expected to be overwhelmed with contrasting flavours, but in fact it all came together well.  Served on a massive white roll it was a coordination requiring manoeuvre to pick up and actually eat the thing.

The polenta bites have changed too.  Now they are crumbed with parmesan.

The burger is definitely good.  Washed down with my favourite beer, it was a big and enjoyable Monday night meal.

Barney Allen's
14 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda 3182
03 9525 5477

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