• 5 Napkin Burger (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)

If getting addicted to burgers is common-place in NYC, then I can safely say that if I were to live here, I would be very fat.  It is typical comfort food – loaded with carbs and flavour.

5 Napkin Burger could fulfil any craving.  Staying a 15 minute walk from this spot, I found myself there late one night to catch up with an old friend who also happened to be in the big apple.

Entering at 10pm, I was pleased to see it still packed and serving, with one booth available, just for us.  The menu, as the name prescribes, focuses on burgers with a side of onion rings and a dessert of cheesecake what we ordered wanting the full experience.

The veggie burger, or “5 Napkin Veggie” was made with an interesting mix of many ingredients including beetroot, black beans and brown rice, making it filling with a mix of heavy textures.  This was accompanied with pickles, lettuce, tomato and a special tangy, spicy mayo sauce.  I quite enjoyed grabbing hold of this one and chomping into the combo.

The chips, ahem, fries were long and skinny, like I would not be if I ate such food everyday.  They were not as crunchy as my liking but still enjoyable with salt and sauce.

The onion rings arrived in a tower, crumbed and heavily fried.  I admit it was the novelty that saw us devour this, and the tasty sauces.  The blue cheese sauce held a good amount of bite without being overpowering.  The 5N sauce was similar to that in the burger.

I am not a fan of cheesecake but had to order it and actually enjoyed its smooth creaminess.

What I liked most about this place was the atmosphere.  It was bubbling and lively late into the night, and despite this, quiet enough to have a decent and personal conversation across the booth tables.

5 Napkin Burger
630 9th Ave
New York, NY 10036
(212) 757-2277

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