• Third Wave Cafe and the power of online.

Epitomising the power of social media in this digital age of ours, Third Wave Cafe has emailed me invitations to their cafe four times.  Once, I even took them up on the offer.  But it seems the spamming won’t stop till I have a shiny post up on my blog about the physically inconspicuous, but digitally viral, cafe.  I am not special.  Everyone has been invited here, enough for it to raise the eye brows of ACCC staff who have begin to question the morality of invites and online reviews.  Read more about the guidelines here.

Located in a regimented street, the only way you may otherwise find this cafe is by visiting the gym opposite.  The set up is modern and casual with wooden floors and a long counter running the opposite wall to the glass front.  It is attractive and open.

The brunch menu is extensive and vegetarian options are clearly marked.  I opted for the shakshuka ($18.90)  at the waiter’s recommendation, described as “spiced baked eggs and richly flavoured tomato and red pepper sauce”.

I love eating out as different cooks bring different flavours.  It was a bizarre experience to try something that tasted of the exact flavours I would use at home.  In fact, the recipe seemed almost exactly the same as the eggs poached in tomato I posted on my blog years ago...  Theirs was well presented with ciabata and fresh basil.  The sauce was mainly onion (there was too much of it) and it lacked flavour.  The eggs were not baked as described but poached and placed on top. Unfortunately they were overcooked.

The coffee was bland and milky.

Apparently Third Wave is highly regarded for their American BBQ and ribs – something about which I have also been emailed.  Pity for them I don’t eat animals.

I admit to attending places when I am invited but always include these details in my posts so that you know it was on invitation.  I also don’t let this impact my review and experience of the food.  Let me know what you think.  Is it wrong for restaurants to invite bloggers to review?  Would you respect a review if it is based on an experience where the writer had been invited?

Third Wave Cafe
30 Cato Street
Prahran 3181
03 9510 2991

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