• Shizuku (Abbotsford)

Transferring the idea of Sushi Burger to ramen, Shizuku have merged two food styles into a comical handful of tasty joy.  Ok, so perhaps it was the miso soaked eggplant that won me over.  Still, it’s nice to see a restaurant being creative.

We had been invited, and with all staff on deck to serve the noisy table of chatty girls, I was hoping the other customers would not find us too overwhelming.

Edamame with salt was a green and more-ish start as usual.

Whilst the others enjoy a variety of tapas style food.  I enjoyed a cheese and edamame filled spring roll with sweet chilli.  Even when Japanese food is fried, it still somehow seems light ad healthy.  The same went for the tasty potato croquette.

Silken tofu was served in a thick sauce made from a blend of soy and plum.  I enjoy tofu like this, and appreciated the shredded white cabbage with Japanese mayo and black sesame since practically living off the vegetable during my student days in Tokyo – veggies are expensive, you take whatever you can get!

Others looked jealously at the pile of salad in front of me, and with the tasty, tangy, topping, I had to confess I was impressed myself.  Caramelised lotus root was the other highlight to this one.  The blend of seaweed, salad greens, lotus, dressing and sesame was a crunchy and refreshing mix of goodness.

Of course the ramen burger was a must, and I admit to laughing as I unwrapped it.  What a strange thought to make a burger out of ramen.  The ramen had been cooked then fried into patties.  The miso glazed eggplant sat with lettuce in between the noodle bun.  Eating as a difficult manoeuvre between  giggles and the big slices of my favourite vegetable, trying to grip my teeth through its tough skin.  The effort was worth it for the experience and the moist mouthfuls of success.  The ramen burger is Shizuku’s signature dish.

Dessert came in two rounds.  The first was almond or espresso pudding, opting for almond, I enjoyed the light, milky texture and sweet flavour which cleansed and delighted simultaneously.

Ice-cream was not necessary after a generous meal, but then how could I resist rich black sesame?  Both the green tea and sesame ice-creams were flavoursome and well presented.

I profess to not paying much attention to the atmosphere.  We were too caught up in our own delight for the food.  All I remember is that there were other people eating – probably as quickly as possible to escape us – and the light fittings and decor gave a modern, classy edge to the casual eatery.

Shizuku does not complicate its food.  It takes traditional Japanese principles and offers them in a simple manner whilst ensuring taste.   And then there is the ramen burger.

309 Victoria Street
Abbotsford 3067
03 9995 8180

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