• Long Shot (Docklands)

In the depths of the Docklands is Long Shot.  Despite being labelled the New York end of Collins Street, this side of town still has some growing up to do. Hidden in Collins Quarter, I had to lap amongst the construction before finally finding this quaint cafe.  The white and green decor with painted walls, pot-plants and folded lights give a tea-party atmosphere.  It was 7am and we had been invited for breakfast.

Long Shot is the product Shaun Quade’s and Jo Barrett’s food expertise and Josh Willis’ barista excellence.  With this in mind, we expected quality pastries and coffees all round.

The gluten free organic muesli is house made – from toasting the grains, to snap drying the fruit.  It was delicious with activated almonds, puffed rice, corn, cocoa and linseeds, and snap dried berries (including mulberries and blueberries) which were crisp from the drying technique.  Apple pie jam lined the base of the cute, glass pot, which was more like a spiced compote.  This was mixed with a rich, yoghurt.

Coffee was strong but frothy.  The roast is St Ali.

Relatively satisfied after sweets, I was served eggs and potatoes.  These are not on the menu but suggested for the hungry vegetarian.  The egg was well poached.  The potatoes had been fried with capsicum, and lots of flavour from chilli, dill, onion and salt.    The bread, also made here, had a doughy texture and thin, crisp crust.

As if I had not indulged enough, I was encouraged to try the pastries, and elected for my favourite (an almond croissant) to take-away.  This was like brioche in the middle with plenty of ground almonds and flavour, and brown on the edges from generous cooking.

Docklands may not be the place to be just yet, but with concepts like Long Shot, it is getting closer.

Long Shot
727 Collins St 
Docklands 3008
03 9252 7979

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