• Dukes (Windsor)

Some people have a spiritual connection with the universe.  Often known as psychics, they can channel energies to tell what the future may hold.  My spiritual connection is somewhat different.  I tell the universe I am craving, and it will appear in front of me.  Apples, pizza, ice-cream – whilst others channel the future, I channel food.

Unfortunately my mystic aura does not transcend to coffee.  After ordering my coffee for the third time at Dukes on Sunday, I wondered what the universe was trying to tell me.  It would not have been much to talk about, except that the exact same thing happened the last time too.  My coffee-loving friend was happy and chatty with her long black, sipping away.  She finished and ordered another...I was still waiting.

It was breakfast time and it was becoming busy.  The coffee is raved about, the breakfast is reliably tasty.  I ordered the baked beans on toast with a poached egg.  The beans were house cooked in fresh tomatoes with delicious flavour of garlic.  The egg was perfectly poached.

When my flat white finally arrived (after my friend had enjoyed two cups and breakfast), I had to admit that this coffee house is up there with the best.  I could taste it just scooping up the low froth.  Malty and strong, it was extremely enjoyable.

Dukes is not just trendy and cool, the food and coffee are high quality. And unlike the future, everyone knows it.  So it’s best to arrive before 9am to get a table on weekends.

Dukes Coffee
169 Chapel St
Windsor 3181
9521 4884

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