• Taste of Melbourne 2013

Despite its trade-mark as a refreshing summertime beverage, a pint of cider can still be enjoyable even when served with ice in a plastic cup and Melbourne weather has deemed it to be winter, instead of spring as more typical for November.  We were at Taste – now the outdoor festival, giving into the fragility of Melbourne weather.

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Given we had been invited by Rekorderlig, our evening began at the tent of their brother brand, Galliano.  I had always associated Galliano with Sambuca, but they offer a range of liqueurs including vanilla and amaretto.  We tried a ristretto martini, a vanilla pallino and an amaretto sour.  Recipes can been found on their page  I liked the amaretto sour best.

Image by Exposure PR

We proceeded to walk around the stalls, in the mud (despite the plastic paths and tan bark laid in an attempt to stop people slipping – they had also employed security jsut to say “be careful” int eh most slippery parts)seeking out anything vegetarian and feeling sorry for the guys shivering behind their ice-cream freezers.  Vegetarian food?  In the whole festival there were three – corn, salad, a taco.  Wow.  I was just overcome by choice and an insatiable desire to try them all.  The corn was from Mamasita and better than I remembered with the butter, chilli and cheese.

The taco (also from Mamasita) was mainly filled with cabbage, but also held other veggies and cheese.  I declined the Huxtable grain salad and opted for a proper meal made by me at home.

We ended in the Rekorderlig tent, sipping sweet, fruity cider.  My cider loving friend commented that it is the fresh fruit flavours that make Rekorderlig so good, and I tended to agree.  The strawberry one tastes like fresh strawberries, the pear like fresh pear.

Who knows whether Taste will continue with its outdoor Albert Park location next year.  If it does, make sure you go on sunny day rather than a wet, windy night.  And please Taste, up your game on the vegetarian options.

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