• The European (Melbourne)

Old world charm with a touch of French class – the name is fitting.

The combination of eggplant and originality saw me order the Turkish breakfast: poached eggs with baba ganoush and another Turkish word which the waiter translated to be “eggplant”.    So the Turkish breakfast is eggs, eggplant and eggplant?  Yes.

The dish arrived with understated colour and creativity.  Under the two perfectly poached eggs was a creamy, refreshing, smoked eggplant dip and a mix, like a ratatouille, of eggplant, red capsicum, onion, pomegranate and crunchy, oiled, fresh croutons. The eggplant mix matched the dip well and grilled Turkish bread broke up the intensity of moist flavours.  I was impressed.

Coffee was neither good or bad, it just was...like coffee in France perhaps.

Vegetarians can also taste Florentine and usual suspects like muesli and toast.  The European claims to represent many countries in the northern continent in its cuisine.  Transported?  Perhaps not.  But it was a lovely breakfast.

The European
161 Spring St
Melbourne 3000
03 9654 0811

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