• HuTong (South Yarra)

With a big group reunion and my pregnant friend craving dumplings, we ended up at HuTong in South Yarra one night to enjoy conversation over copious amounts of food.  The restaurant is clean, pretty and oriental with polite service and heavy wooden furniture.  We were seated out the back (unfortunately near the smoking area with the smoke not contained by the opening door).  The vibe was relaxed but sociable and so we began ordering and enjoying a large meal worthy of the festivity - with many vegetarian options too.

The spinach dumplings were fresh and tasty with green skins and spinach filling.  I enjoyed these with lots of chilli and vinegar.

The eggplant claypot was wickedly good, with my favourite vegetable drenched till soft in oil with fresh spring onions.  The long slices were moist and slippery enjoyed alongside rice.

The sautéed spinach with garlic was tasty and falsely felt somewhat healthier.  The spinach had been wilted and then mixed with garlic cooked till soft but still white.

The spring onion pancake was dry and average in flavour.  I will not order that one again.

The pumpkin cake was dessert, served with ice-cream.  It was hard to resist these bite-sized rounds of sweet pumpkiny goodness.

For wine, we enjoyed a bottle of Taltani shiraz.  It was surprisingly good with full fruit and oak, blended but with complexity.  I will be searching out this wine in the future.

It was a lovely meal and a great catch up.  The space is not too noise and unlike many dumpling houses, you will not be squished onto the smallest possible table.  I’d advise booking, as even on the Wednesday night we went, it was full.  And so were we by the end.

HuTong Dumpling Bar
162 Commercial Rd 
Prahran 3181
03 9098 1188

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  1. I went to HuTong in the CBD a few years ago and really loved the dumplings, the decor and the atmosphere. I haven't been to the one in South Yarra. Will try it as it is closer to home. The idea of visiting the hutongs in Beijing was an attractive one but I ended up getting to see it in a somewhat scary way. Decided to get a ride in one of those many motorised rickshaws after visiting the Forbidden City (hard to get a taxi and I was in a hurry to get back to the hotel and then catch the train to Shanghai). The driver took a short cut by using the hutongs but I didn't feel comfortable at all when he and other drivers we passed by started making comments like 'beautiful'. Thankfully nothing happened but he touched me on the arm and he got very aggressive and demanded way too much for a short ride. In the end I just wanted to get away safely. But it didn't spoil the wonderful time I had in Beijing and the lovely dumplings I had for lunch. Ros

  2. It's so sad when experiences like that taint a beautiful or interesting place. I was in Turkey last year and whilst it is an amazing country, I got harassed so much that it was really hard to enjoy it. Do you speak Chinese too? I felt in China it was harder if you couldn't speak the language but I was with my brother who could so that made it easier. The South Yarra one is less hectic and has a lovely atmosphere for dinner - a bit more formal. I think maybe wait a few months otherwise you will be comparing it to dumplings from the real source.

  3. I do agree that harassment can spoil travelling in another country. Initially my Australian friend and I got stared at so much that it was quite annoying especially for her. I blended in easily and in fact everyone assumed I was one of them. I don't speak Chinese very well but picked up enough to get by. It definitely helps if one speaks the language. Actually I had Chinese for dinner last night and ordered Xiao long bao. They were delicious. Ros